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Labor in Construction
For SMBs, the retirement of five skilled workers for every new hire isn’t just a statistic. It’s a crisis. The industry faced a staggering 650,000-worker deficit in 2022. Small construction firms are in a race against time, needing a revolution in recruiting solutions now more than ever. We’re exploring how to bring AI to the starting line and help HR managers have a competitive advantage in securing and vetting skilled laborers.
Vendor Management in Real Estate
In the shifting landscape of commercial real estate, property managers are continually being asked to do more with less. These PMs often rely on vendors to be their eyes and ears when they can’t physically be on property, yet managing dozens (and, sometimes, hundreds) of vendors is frequently done in spreadsheets or via email. Sitting at the center of operational effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and tenant satisfaction, we’re exploring how we might revolutionize vendor management.
Bidding and Estimating in Construction
In the dynamic realm of construction, where precision is paramount, we’re delving into the Bidding and Estimating space. Recognizing the inherent challenges faced by subcontractors in deciphering complex construction documents riddled with errors, we aim to revolutionize this process. We’re using AI to streamline and simplify pre-construction, empowering professionals to save time, reduce complexity, and elevate the standard of excellence in the construction industry.
Inventory Management in Retail
Retail workers in SMB wear every hat imaginable. They’re often (or, as they tell us, always) strapped for time and resources. Inventory management is a key building block of running a successful business, but today it’s highly manual, incredibly time-consuming, and involves a strong human touch, leading to a process prone to errors and rife with inefficiencies. We’re exploring how to help store owners and their employees get out of the weeds of inventory management and focus on what’s really important.
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