You’re looking for a partner who’s collaborative and like-minded, creative and flexible, dedicated and resilient. As luck would have it, this describes us perfectly. We have infrastructure that not every startup has and the backing of a strong company that empowers us to think for ourselves.

When we say “partnership,” we mean a collaborative relationship that strengthens both entities’ market positions by:

  • Combining and leveraging complementary capabilities and/or assets.
  • Coordinating activities together toward a common goal.
  • Sharing risks, responsibilities, and accountability
  • Working together in a transparent, equitable, and mutually beneficial way.

1848 Ventures’ partnership guiding principles

We believe a partnership is not the end in and of itself, but a means to a strategic end. The most promising partnerships involve collaborators with not only complementary skill sets and value propositions, but a shared vision and mutual interests within a target market.

on our partnership with IDEO

"Working with IDEO has taught us a lot about effective ideation, rapid iteration, and the kind of collaboration that leads to great end products. We’re really learning from the best and co-creating shoulder-to-shoulder with them. All of this shows up in so many different ways, from how quickly we're able to move, to the depth of connections that we're able to form with business owners, to the strength of partnerships we're able to forge with innovative companies."

Rick Wilmot, Venture Leader, 1848 Ventures

“When I think of 1848 Ventures, purpose driven and human-centered are the first things I think of. They have this incredible dedication to reflection and iteration, and we love how all of our work together is rooted in their purpose. We’re learning by doing together, pushing the bounds of how businesses can leverage design thinking to create new ventures.

‘We work with our friends’ has been part of IDEO’s ethos since our founding. There’s a collegiality and closeness to working with 1848 Ventures that I deeply value, and I can see that what started as a professional collaboration is maturing into a friendship.”

Justin Massa, Executive Portfolio Director, IDEO

Looking for a venture partner to strengthen your market position or meet strategic goals? Wondering if our values and vision align with yours? Want to learn more about what it’s like to partner with us? Let’s start the conversation.