Sheldon Bernard

Venture Leader, Commercial Strategy
Sheldon Bernard

His role at 1848 Ventures:

Sheldon collaborates with the 1848 Ventures team and our partners to increase the quality of our decisions and develop meaningful solutions for our customers, given the high levels of uncertainty they deal with on a daily basis.

What he loves about the work we do:

“I love being able to help the team structure and quantify what’s most important to our success.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonates with him most:

"Definitely Trailblazers - what we’re doing with embedded decision quality and quantitative analysis of venture risk hasn’t been done this way before."

Career highlights:

Sheldon began his career at Visteon and has worked in strategic planning, finance, and innovation in various roles for Bank of America, Proctor & Gamble, and Intel.  He has formally taught and advised leaders on decision-making under uncertainty and has evaluated the strategy and success of over 100 start-ups by applying the principles of decision science to innovation.

What he’s passionate about:

Understanding how to help people make great decisions under uncertainty.

Fun fact:

Sheldon loves anything and everything about acoustic guitar. A long-time foodie and vegan/vegetarian, he really enjoys sharing food with people and then surprising them by letting them know it’s plant-based.