Rick Wilmot

Venture Leader – Venture Development

What he’s passionate about
Working with smart people to come up with cool solutions to tough problems.

His role at 1848 Ventures
Rick works across all areas of concept and product development, from segment selection through to product development and business planning.

Professional experience
Rick started as an engineer at a rapidly growing software company, eventually getting involved with product development and special projects. After taking a couple years to get his MBA from the University of Michigan, he spent four years as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company. He later moved on to lead the Technical Services group at Explorys, a software company acquired by IBM. Rick joined 1848 Ventures in 2018.

What he loves about the work we do
“I love the freedom we have to be self-directed. I love that we build things that help real business owners. And I love that we’re well-funded, which means we can do whatever we believe is best for the product, portfolio, or concept.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonates with him most
“Trailblazers. We’re not aiming for incremental improvement; we’re breaking new ground. When we find opportunity to step out of the box and go in a new direction, we have the freedom, resources, and culture to make it happen.”

Fun facts
Rick was a professional poker player for a few years and was so good that, when his first child was born, he paid the hospital fees with his winnings. He’s also proud to say he once drove 30 miles to buy $700 worth of KFC Double-Down sandwiches and in his video game-playing heyday, was ranked one of the top three Madden 2003 players in the world.