Molly Dunn

Venture, Talent Acquisition
Molly Dunn

Her role at 1848 Ventures:

Molly is focused on creating a unique talent pipeline in growing the team while also driving exceptional candidate experiences along the way.

What she loves about the work we do:

“We are constantly exploring new areas of opportunity and pushing one another in figuring out the best ways of doing things that are different than the day before. This approach allows us to keep innovation and creativity at the forefront for businesses looking to create real solutions.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonates with her most:

“The culture we’ve created and continue to create is designed to be intentional and we understand it evolves as we evolve. We place a strong emphasis on supporting one another both in and out of the office, diversity in the way we think, and learning from both our successes and mistakes."

Career highlights:

Molly’s experience in talent management has allowed her to position herself as a think-outside-the-box recruiter working with various teams and departments to understand the larger business objectives and how those align with the overall talent strategy.

What she’s passionate about:

“I love connecting with people and have a genuine passion for learning about others, understanding their background and interests, what motivates them, and creating lasting and meaningful relationships.”

Fun fact:

Molly loves food and as some would call a “foodie”. She comes from a family of professional chefs and a lot of her time outside of work is spent with family and friends cooking, trying new restaurants, or simply talking about where to eat at next!