Michele Setzer

Venture Leader – Innovation Practice Owner
Michele Setzer

Her role at 1848 Ventures:

Michele blends her expertise in three distinct disciplines (innovation, organization development/change, and people) to design and lead 1848 Ventures’ innovation practices that support reducing risk and solving uncertainties for business owners. As a member of the 1848 Ventures team, Michele assists in bringing to life the company’s strategy and core values through building and activating a best-in-class innovation practice.

What she loves about the work we do:

“I love how our diverse backgrounds – and desire to explore and build meaningful solutions – come together in a collaborative, fearless way. We’re having fun while constantly pushing boundaries; we’re learning, refining, and moving the needle of what success looks like, all while making each other better and stronger contributors in everything we do.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonates with her most:

“Definitely Optimistic – I’ve always believed that success comes when we show up authentically, bringing our best self to any situation in life. In doing this, we inspire others to show up similarly – how can you not meet a change or challenge successfully when this happens? It’s contagious!”

Career highlights:

Michele’s entire professional background has been centered in innovation, building collaborative teams, start-ups, and learning. She co-founded a successful company grounded in STEM education at age 22 and has continued to foster her passion for building capabilities, fostering collaboration, creating solutions, and building teams and organizations in every role she’s had since. 

What she’s passionate about:

Coaching and enabling people, teams, and businesses to accomplish their goals through meaningful, unique, and innovative practices and solutions.

Fun fact:

Michele and her family do something new every month! Whether it’s rafting, scuba diving, glass-blowing, axe-throwing, or visiting over 40 countries, she believes that making this a priority keeps her curious and in a constant state of learning.