Ken Ashner

Venture Manager – Concept Development

What he’s passionate about
Solving problems, understanding the people at the center of our work, and helping others—especially business owners who have taken a huge risk to follow their dream.

His role at 1848 Ventures
Ken spends much of his time researching, listening to, and observing business owners in a variety of industries to understand and help solve their unique challenges.

Professional experience
Ken has 25 years of experience in the property and casualty insurance industry, providing risk management services to a portfolio of large commercial customers and even leading the development of an innovative digital safety app for commercial contractors.

Since joining 1848 Ventures in 2018, Ken has been able to meld his background in insurance with his passion for creative problem solving as he searches for groundbreaking solutions for business owners.

What he loves about the work we do
“I love how focused and committed our team is to finding solutions to help business owners. I love that we roll up our sleeves, dive in, and actually do the work. We research, synthesize, ideate, collaborate, build prototypes and business models, and challenge assumptions.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonates with him most
“Innovative is key for me—I love when we let our minds wander and uncover new ways to see things. It takes a lot of energy, experimentation, and a willingness to forget what you already know in order to find something new.”

Fun fact
Ken can’t live without coffee and exercise first thing in the morning, but he’s really happiest on a hiking trail with his family and dog.