Deirdre Gannon

Chief Venture Officer

What she’s passionate about
Curiosity. My career has been shaped by a love of learning, a passion for innovation, and a dedication to personal growth.

Her role at 1848 Ventures
Deirdre formulates the strategy for 1848 Ventures in collaboration with Westfield’s Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer and leads the team to develop new ventures. 

Professional experience
Prior to joining 1848 Ventures, Deirdre was a Vice President at BioEnterprise, a Northeast Ohio nonprofit charged with helping biomedical innovators launch and grow their companies. She also served as Business Development Director in the Corporate Innovation Incubator and Director of Strategic Planning at GOJO Industries. In addition, Deirdre worked at a boutique consulting firm focused on adjacency growth for high-tech companies. Cutting-edge work with a major client, Corning Incorporated, was the subject of a Stanford Business School case study.

What she loves about the work we do
“I love that I get to work with a team of highly engaged professionals who push boundaries and learn by doing.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonate with her most
“Trailblazer. I’m most at home exploring new ideas, mental models, problems, etc. Laser-focused, results-oriented, and determined, I generally have a clear sense of what I’m trying to achieve and the courage to get there.”

Fun fact
Deirdre loves gardening, traveling, rucking, and volunteering, but her true happy place is perusing the magazine racks of a public library.