Christopher McPherson

Venture Manager, Data Science & AI
Chris McPherson

His role at 1848 Ventures:

Chris is focused on the role of data across the venture development process, from understanding the data landscape,  to building prototype predictive models,  to driving experiential learning.

What he loves about the work we do:

“Small businesses face pronounced challenges associated with underlying risks and uncertainties due to their scale. I love that we have the opportunity to take on these challenges in pursuit of helping the business owners that make up our communities.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonates with him most:

“Innovation and our approach to injecting it into everything we do, from the processes we leverage to the solutions we create.  We never stop looking for a better way.”

Career highlights:

Chris has extensive experience developing new products with learning algorithms at their core, intrapreneurially and entrepreneurially.

What he’s passionate about:

Data’s ability to tell the story of the past, find the patterns of the present, and even predict what may happen in the future.”

Fun fact:

Outside of work, Chris enjoys camping with his family and developing an automated short-term trading system powered by machine learning.