Brian Bemiller

Venture Leader – Concept Development

His role at 1848 Ventures:

Brian collaborates with the 1848 Ventures team, our partners, and business owners across the country to develop a portfolio of new ventures rooted in deep customer insights.

What he loves about the work we do:

“Every day is different, which is what makes this job so exciting. Whether it’s going into the field and talking to business owners, brainstorming new product concepts, or refining concepts that resonate with potential future customers, we have the autonomy, focus, and partnerships to accelerate our progress and move quickly.”

Which of our “How we show up” behaviors resonates with him most:

“People often describe me as optimistic, and I think that optimism really helps in a fail-fast-and-learn-quickly culture. I’m able to see the best in any situation and encourage others to push forward in the face of adversity.”

Career highlights:

Brian launched his career at Westfield as a college intern setting up new PCs for employees before being hired full-time to the internal tech Help Desk team. Here, he found his passion for working with people to solve complex and ambiguous technical challenges. From helping Westfield insurance agents leverage technology to streamline their operations, to leading the team responsible for Westfield's middleware and enterprise web service integrations, Brian's diverse experiences set him up for success in helping business owners address uncertainties through digital products, making their operations more efficient.

What he’s passionate about:

Leveraging technology to solve problems in new and unique ways.

Fun fact:

A diehard Cleveland sports fan, he admits to drawing John Elway’s face on a balloon after the 1986 AFC Championship game and popping it in anger. (He was six at the time.) In his free time, Brian loves traveling with his family, playing drums, watching movies, and listening to music.