our culture

Team collaborating around affinity diagrams

Big challenges. Passionate people. Smart solutions. This is what you’ll find at 1848 Ventures. We’re not aiming for incremental improvement – we’re breaking new ground. And when we see opportunity, we have the freedom, resources, and culture to make it happen.

Everything we do is rooted in a purpose. Our clients love working with us because we’re radically collaborative. Our approach is not a one-size-fits-all. From ideation to application, we’re in this together. We work every day to build meaningful relationships with our colleagues, customers, and partners.

And above all, we’re passionate. About the work, the people, and the impact we can make every day.

How we work with each other:
Culture is intentional at 1848 Ventures.

We work together to foster an empathetic, supportive, and collaborative environment where all voices are heard. This is why it’s so important to have a team with a diverse set of backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences – we raise the bar for one another.

At 1848 Ventures, the work we do every day supports the strategy of the organization as a whole, and our impact is clear. Plus, we’re pretty fun.

How we show up:

At 1848 Ventures, how we do things is just as important as what we do.

We are...


We pave the way for a better future. We pivot quickly and move with a sense of urgency. And we’re ready for anything.

For us, the glass is always half-full. We bring our A-game each and every day, inspiring growth and embracing change as we do great things.

From ideation to application, we’re in this together. We work every day to build meaningful relationships and support each other in reaching our full potential.

“Let’s try it!” is a common phrase in our vocabulary. We think outside the box and love to experiment.

We make room for any and all. Innovation comes from everywhere, and we look to other voices, backgrounds, and experiences to expand our way of thinking.

We are not...

We don’t follow the norm. We lead through experimentation and bring an entrepreneurial lens to our work.

We’re not exclusive in our point of view. We seek out different perspectives and look to partner in areas we’ve never explored before.

We push past our comfort zones. Failure is only a step in the process; we learn, share, and move forward together as a team.

We base our work on knowledge and insight, not assumption.

We face risk and challenge head-on and without hesitation. Change is welcome, growth is mandatory.