our culture

Team collaborating around affinity diagrams

At 1848V, trust is at the center of everything we do. We're doing challenging work that's risky, and we know our teammates are going to follow through. We’re committed to our work and to making it a great place to work. We believe you can get down to serious business and still have a sense of humor. We’re curious learners who aren’t afraid to fail.

Customers love working with us because we’re flexible, passionate, and understand their point of view. Every business owner has unique challenges, so there are no cookie-cutter solutions (and there’s never a dull moment). We move quickly because, when you’re ready to grow your business, there’s no sense waiting around for things to happen.

How we work with each other
We ask, “Are we ready to make a decision? Are we all committed to that choice?”
We make sure the right people are in the conversation.
We admit what we don’t know.
We say what needs to be said.

How we show up
These behaviors are shaped by our people, close to our hearts, and key to our success.

We are...

We are forward-thinking pioneers, always on the lookout for new and elegant solutions. We are all principal performers.

We bring our best, inspiring others to do great things, thriving and growing through change.

We support each other in reaching our full potential. We seek feedback and we’re not afraid to ask for help.

We are dynamic and move with a sense of urgency. We approach problems with zeal and determination.

We are inclusive and value diversity. We embrace different cultures and perspectives to find innovation.

We are not...

We do not follow the norm. We bring an entrepreneurial lens to our work and lead through experimentation.

We are not exclusive in our point of view and seek to partner in areas where we have never explored before.

We push past our comfort zones. Failure does not stop us—we learn, share, and continue forward.

We do not base our work on conjecture over knowledge and insight.

We do not avoid potential problems and act without hesitation at the prospect of change as we explore the unknown.