what we do

Business owners are the heart of their communities. And this is who we work for every day. We’re committed to finding real solutions for real people.

Data made easy, business made better.

At 1848 Ventures, we build digital solutions that help business owners manage risk and uncover opportunity, one data point at a time.

It all starts with customer discovery.

Knowledge leads to opportunity. At 1848 Ventures, we explore the business owner’s pain points and the most critical aspects of their work. We take time to understand the way they operate and the challenges they face. We then leverage a broad range of design partnerships (including one with IDEO, a global thought-leader in design-thinking) to create tools business owners can use in real time and on the go.

Our apps change the way business owners work. We find a way to make data more accessible to everyone involved in the business, inspiring staff to know more, move faster, and work better. By taking customer observations and turning them into insights, we address the uncertainties many business owners face — things like cash flow, employee retention, and operational efficiencies. We uncover the data they need for the business they want, empowering them to make impactful decisions along the way.