Brian Lange

Brian Lange works as a Senior Design Lead in Data Science out of the Chicago studio, where he's excited to push the boundaries of the discipline of data science and explore its intersections with other disciplines.

Before IDEO, he was a Partner & Data Scientist at Datascope, where he built software, trained models, and led teams through the design process on projects for P&G, Thomson Reuters, Motorola, CapitalOne, and others. He also taught data science courses with Metis and led Datascope's first major brand redesign.

While he's not nerding out about typography and machine learning techniques, he enjoys cycling, brewing beer, gardening, and listening to unusual music.


Bo Peng

Bo is a Director at IDEO focused on the intersection of data science and human-centered design. She is passionate about using data as a resource to improve the way people work, play, and think. Currently based in the United States, she has recently returned from a rotation in Shanghai, leading the growth of IDEO's data science capabilities in Asia, and pushing the boundaries of intelligent systems and human centered data science across varying markets, mindsets, and values.

Prior to IDEO, Bo was a Partner and Data Scientist at Datascope, a cutting-edge data science consultancy based in Chicago. Bo led a series of diverse engagements with deep technical expertise, including partnering with P&G to systematically surface subject matter experts and collaboration opportunities; with Steelcase to prototype the next wave of smart workplace and employee engagement tools; and with test-prep giant Kaplan to launch an immersive bootcamp for people transitioning into data science careers. She also helped grow the business of Datascope, shaping a range of responsibilities from business development to recruitment.

Bo has spoken at several conferences and events about applying human-centered design to data science projects. She was previously head organizer of the Data Science Chicago and the Chicago Women in Machine Learning & Data Science meetups.

Bo holds an MS in Statistics and a BS in Mathematics, both from The University of Chicago, and was named one of Crain's 2019 Tech 50.


Chris Kucharczyk

Chris is a Data Scientist at IDEO Chicago, where he is passionate about exploring how people interact with data and designing tools that facilitate those interactions.

Prior to joining IDEO, Chris received his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the California Institute of Technology where he developed experimental and analytical techniques that enabled high-throughput exploration of solid oxide fuel cell materials. His thesis work required visualizing multi-dimensional datasets and inspired his interest in data science. He first got his start in data science as an intern at Datascope, a data science consulting firm acquired by IDEO in 2017.

Outside of work, Chris figuratively juggles his appointments to the Evanston Environment Board and the Evanston Mayor's Climate Action and Resiliency Plan Working Group and literally juggles as a recreational circus artist.